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    Jan 1, 2017
    I have 2 of the most amazing kids/small adult kayaks available for sale. These are NOT beach toys or Costco specials - these are the real-deal kayaks that will turn your reluctant kids into expert paddlers! They are designed to fit kids like an ocean kayak fits an adult - they have a nice low deck and narrow beam that makes it easier for kids to reach the water with their paddles and learn a proper stroke! They have bulkheads and hatches - meaning they won't fill with water and sink if they ever tip over - which is hard to do, I have tried.

    My kids paddled these boats with me from the time they were age 8-16 (We have had them for 4 years, bought both new from Comox Valley Kayaks), we have paddled some rough seas, and long overnight camping trips and the kids were always able to both haul some gear and make fast tracks! There is no rudder or skeg, but a nice deep keel that makes these boats track straight - even in wind. They are also low profile enough to avoid getting blown around.

    Sadly these boats aren't made anymore and the only comparable ocean kayak for kids is a very expensive Eddyline. If you want your family to get on the water - these will do it.

    ~12 feet long, 21 inch beam. Made of rotomoulded plastic (in other words, tough as nails!), Have comfortable adjustable foot pegs, thigh braces and awesome adjustable seats. 2 good sized hatches to store gear for longer trips. Light and easy to move around, easy to store from some straps and a hook in the ceiling of the garage. My kids can each carry a boat - no problem.

    Always stored inside - No UV light fading or major damage - both in great condition. I will also include 2 nice kid-sized paddles. IMG_9476 3.JPG IMG_9489 2.JPG IMG_9488.JPG IMG_9474.JPG IMG_9476 3.JPG IMG_9479 3.JPG IMG_9475.JPG

    I am asking $700 for each boat, but willing to negotiate price a bit. Not much, but a bit. I live in the Vancouver areas.


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    Oct 6, 2019
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    If the kayaks are still available I'm interested. Please email me directly at the email address in my profile. thanks!

    Ernie Martin