a novel sea kayaking hazard: amorous dolphins...

Discussion in 'Paddling Safety' started by kayakwriter, Aug 27, 2018.

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    Another novel sea kayaking danger - having a seal slap you with an octopus.
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    These are things they don't tell you in BCU classes LOL.
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    Sep 5, 2016
    There is a pretty obscure stroke that we sometimes teach on the West coast that is not part of the BCU syllabus.
    It is the AOAB or Anti Octopus Air Brace.
    It involves bringing the paddle in a somewhat curved path from the water through the air until it contacts with said octopus (or other flying mollusc). It can be either a forward or backwards stroke depending on starting paddle position and trajectory of octopus.
    Once the octopus is deflected, preferably onto the kayak of the closest paddling partner for S&G, the stroke is finished with a low brace to regain balance (or a high brace if the octopus was particularly large or conditions rough). If perchance you find yourself in a sculling brace position it is advisable to regain an upright position quickly in case the octopus seeks revenge.
    As you can see in the video the situation can develop rapidly so one needs to practice the stroke extensively to develop the necessary speed for it to be effective. If you do decide to practice it may be best to do it when no one can see you or they might think you are a bit barmy (more than necessary to be in a small tippy boat on the ocean).
    Good luck and please send video of practice sessions for feedback...