Body Boat Blade broken in to - watch for stolen gear

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    Not sure if this Facebook link will work: boat blade international&epa=SEARCH_BOX

    "Body Boat Blade has been broken into! We arrived this morning to our Eastsound shop to find the front door smashed open and many items taken. If you see or hear about anyone trying to sell a two piece Kokatat IDOL drysuit pictured here - please call the police and report it! Call us too! 360-376-5388. The thieves must have also been in need of Patagonia Nano Puff jackets and vests and large Patagonia Black Hole duffel bags...among other Patagonia product! An ipad is missing and a few other items....which brings us to let our loyal shoppers know that we are currently doing an inventory so that we can make sure the products listed on our web store for sale are accurate."

    The Kokatat Idol has purple top