1. Denis Dwyer

    Denis Dwyer Paddler

    Mar 17, 2009
    Metairie, Louisiana
    Dobbin Bay

    50° 47.081N x 126° 48.222W

    Dobbin Bay forms an indentation into the southwestern shoreline of Broughton Island at the eastern end of Queen Charlotte Strait.
    This is not a very good campsite and I do not recommend it as a planned destination.
    I stopped here only because there was no other place nearby to camp and the weather was starting to deteriorate.
    I had seen it written up in a kayaking guide and marked the location on my chart.
    It would be impossible (or at least very messy) to land or launch here at low to mid-tide as the bay bottom is shallow and covered with sticky mud and scattered barnacle covered rocks.
    There is a small spot to camp on solid rock at the top of the bay which stayed dry at high tide on the night of my stay. On 6-13-12, the high tide was 17.8 feet or 5.43 meters.
    There is a water source here, cell phone service, and no bugs.

    Dobbin Bay on Google Earth

    Dobbin Bay at mid-tide

    Dobbin Bay at low-tide

    The water source
  2. Nick Heath

    Nick Heath Paddler

    Mar 27, 2008
    We're agreed on this site, Denis! I much appreciate the solid information and clear photos. We (BC Marine Trail crew of 2) swung by this site last Spring and did not much fancy it, but you're able to give a broader perspective when you've spent a night there, as you have.
    This is marginal at best, but still useful for those times when you need to get off the water.