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    I bought my P&H Cetus HV used last summer and put on quite a few miles. I put it in the basement for the winter and when I pulled it out now that the snow is receding I see that the skeg is drooping:

    I don't recall doing any nastiness to the skeg system but I do recall that on one of the last crossing I did last fall there was a stone lodged in there so I couldn't deploy it. That said I don't see how that would cause what I see here. If I pull in the control cable a bit the skeg is fully retracted.

    I also see that the skeg controller box has a gap where the feed tube enters:

    and I don't have any good photos from last year that show clearly if this is a new issue or not. That said, is the above gap a problem, and if so is there advice on fixing it? I sent P&H an email over a week ago but not had a reply yet. I could just adjust the skeg cable by shortening it, but wanted to see if there was wiser advice.

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    It helps to consider that the cable sleeve is as important as the cable:

    when you pushed hard on the skeg control during the crossing last time so much force was put on the assembly [because the skeg was fixed in place by the stone] that the sleeve broke away from the controller box as shown by about 3/8" [ 1 cm]. After you removed the stone the ONLY FRICTION to hold the skeg retracted in place is the friction at the controller housing and of the controller WHEREAS the typical situation is that the friction between the cable and the WHOLE sleeve holds the cable in place.

    If you connect the sleeve back to the housing then the additional friction of the cable/sleeve system will come back into play [as usual] and the skeg is much more likely to be held in place.
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    What he said - looks like the controller box slipped rather than the cable stretched. As such, I don't recommend shorting the cable. You need to move the controller box back to it's usual place and "fix" it there (glue/fiberglass repair/epoxy, etc.). I'd wait to hear P&H 's recommendation and you might update them that the problem is the loose control box.