Even the 3rd person in canoe can be charged with 'impaired driving!'

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    May 15, 2005
    get a load of this:

    A judge ruled that you can be charged with impaired operation regardless of where you are sitting in a canoe!

    relevant issue:
    What if you’re in the middle of the canoe?

    The defence team also pointed out that unlike a motor vehicle or boat, there can be multiple people “operating” (i.e., paddling) a canoe at any given time. But West ruled that anyone paddling the canoe while impaired could potentially be charged, regardless of where they were sitting.

    “The defence referred to the possibility of a person sitting in the middle of the canoe who is impaired and paddling,” he wrote. “Again, it would be up to the police officer investigating to determine which of the persons in the canoe should be charged, having regard to the totality of the circumstances involved.”

    eventually with the advance of 'definitions of wrongdoing', we will all be criminals.