Expedition Double Kayak, With Multiple Sails $1800

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    Feb 27, 2006
    Easy Ryder being paddled.jpg This a Easy Ryder Eskimo 22-6 CRX kayak in the one-piece version (no longer made). It's a light, strong Kevlar expedition lay-up. 22' 6" long, 29" beam, approx 90 lbs.

    The not-so-good:
    • This is a 1993 model.
    • It has two repairs. Both patches have been used at sea and are water-tight.
    • There is some wear on the gelcoat along the keel.
    • The rudder pedal system has been repaired (and has worked fine for years).
    The good (a much longer list):
    • This boat has been used only a single three-month expedition and a few week trips, so it has less sea time than many boats a fraction of its age.
    • Likewise, it has been stored indoors, so it has less weather/UV exposure than many younger boats.
    • It's a super seaworthy boat with the capacity for multi-week voyages or glamping-equipped shorter trips.
    • It makes a stable platform for fishing, photography and sailing.
    • It's equipped to take two different sail systems (both included, see details below).
    • It includes all accessories needed to get you on the water, and more.
    Accessories included:
    • Original Easy Ryder sprayskirts.
    • Cockpit covers for keeping rain out during transport and in camp.
    • 2 PFDs.
    • 3 paddles.
    • 2 pumps.
    • Throwline in a bag ("Buoyant Heaving Line").
    • 2 paddle floats (to stabilize the boat for re-entry in the event of capsize).
    • High-clearance expedition canoe wheels that fold to fit in the boat. Perfect for portaging from the cottage to the beach, for wheeling on board BC Ferries, and especially for "open gate" trips where you launch from one BC Ferries port, paddle around for days, then take out at another ferry port and ride it back to your parked car.
    Easy Ryder under sail.jpg
    Forward of each cockpit is a Scotty mount that holds a V-bracket for the no-longer available Spirit kayak Sails. One full size and one half size sail are included; they mount well on the back and front cockpit and work very well together when the boat is sailing on a broad reach. For straight downwind sailing, either size sail can be used alone, according to wind speed. The Spirit sails are simple down/offwind sails for beginners to use.

    kayak with Hobie sail and Sidekick outriggers.JPG
    For more experienced and confident sailors, the kayak has also been retrofitted to take the Hobie Mirage kayak sail, complete with the optional furling kit for quick reefing and unfurling, and the Sidekick Ama outrigger kit for stability (optional extensions for the outrigger arms provide additional stability and avoid interference with paddle strokes).

    As a fore-and-aft sail, the Mirage provides inherently better cross and upwind performance than the Spirit sails. To improve that still further, two cleats mounted on either side just behind the forward cockpit take a tossed leeboard that the front paddler can shift to the downwind side as you change tacks.

    The two Scotty deck mounts that hold the Spirit Sail brackets also accept a full range of Scotty accessories, including rod holders, bait holders, cup holders, camera mounts, trapeaze crab trap lifters and anchor locks.

    Available to view in East Van; delivery in the GVA possible for a reasonable charge.

    PM me or email philip.torrens@gmail.com
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    Feb 27, 2006
    Reduced to $2200.
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    Feb 27, 2006
    Reduced to $1800