For Sale: Maelstom Vital 16.6

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    Jan 1, 2017
    "The Vital is a true British style sea kayak made for play boating and rough conditions. It is playful, speedy and stable, yet easy to edge and roll. This craft is a great all around sea kayak with good storage for both day trips and camping. The high rocker profile is truly made to catch and play in the surf. These kayaks comes standard with retractable skeg, front and rear hatches, front and rear fiberglass bulkheads, recessed deck settings for safety lines, chart holder bungees, keyhole cockpit with hip and knee braces and a comfortable low profile seat. With the skeg up, the Vital is very maneuverable. Put the skeg down and it tracks straight even in side wind conditions where most kayaks weathercock (turn up wind)."

    I love this boat. It attracts a lot of stares and compliments! It is comfortable to paddle and fun to play with....There has never been another one who stole my heart the way she did. Alas, as I start to do more long trips and less surfing rolling and playing around it seems like it is time to make a change for comfort and volume over style and skill. I Bought this boat from the original owner 5 years ago - she purchased it new one year earlier from Ecomarine.

    It has always been stored in a garage and lovingly cleaned and cared for. There are a few scrapes and bumps but cosmetic issues only. A great keel strip has protected the keel, the skeg works like a dream and the reflective decklines, hatch covers and bungees are all in great shape.

    The boat is a narrow 21 inch beam, 16.5 ft long, and is meant for women or smaller male paddlers (90-190lbs according to the Boreal website) - I am 5'6'' and there is leg room to spare.

    I am asking $2200CAD. I live in the Vancouver BC area.

    Fun reviews from other people who love this boat!

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    Is this still for sale? If so, I'm interested to try it. I live in Victoria but currently am visiting Vancouver this week. Please let me know. Thanks.
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