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    This is for the folks on here who paddle the inland waters. A friend & I are running a Kayak Tripping/PC Level 1 course this summer up at Lac La Ronge in northern Saskatchewan (actually central SK if you look at a map, but it's a 4 hour drive north of me so...).

    It's a gorgeous lake that is well suited to kayak tripping. Lac La Ronge is a large lake about 380 km north of Saskatoon, straddles the edge of the Canadian Shield and is surrounded by boreal forest. The southern portion of the lake is sandy and wide open, while the northern portion is rocky and full of granite islands. It may not be "Great Lake" big, but it's still pretty darned big at approximately 35 km across from the town of La Ronge on the western shore to the eastern side, and about 65 km from a bay in the southwest to the exit of the Rapid (Montreal) River in the northwest corner. Standing in the town of La Ronge and looking ESE to the open lake, you see nothing but horizon.

    The course runs 3 days, August 12th, 13th & 14th. We start out near the town of La Ronge, and will cover some paddling skills the first morning and early afternoon before loading our kayaks and heading out onto the big lake. We'll stick to the relatively protected bays and myriad of rocky islands, and will pick our route based on the expected weather that weekend. We have dozens of possible routes to choose from, and that decision-making process is part of what we will discuss during the course.

    It's a beautiful location and should be a lot of fun. See all the details here and please tell anyone you think would be interested: ... pping.html