HELP NEEDED - Drinking water is being capped off!

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    Mar 8, 2005
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    Actually, Wallace Island is still a Provincial park. When the Federal government 'took over' a bunch of the southern islands Provincial parks and incorporated them together to form the Gulf Islands National Park Reserve, the drinking water at each location would have had to have been tested. Those that conformed with federal public drinking water standards would have been left alone, but I guess a few of them (Winter Cove, Beaumont and Princess Margaret on Portland) did not 'pass' the Federal governments strict standards. I can only assume that either the Provincial government does not have a policy in place for requiring public drinking water to meet certain quality standards, or if they do it must be less strict than the Federal government's standards. Thus, the wells (in the Federal park) that supply water that does not meet the Federal standards would have to be capped until such time as they can find a solution to make it conform to the safety standards. The Provincial parks, of which Wallace is one, are unaffected by the Federal standards.

    At least, that's my understanding...