Jervis Inlet Groundproofing

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    May 15, 2005
    Along with all the growing success in Howe Sound and the attention to North East Bay [Texada Is E], a couple of us decided to bite the bullet and groundproof all the sites and islands in the lower part of Jervis Inlet including Hotham Sound.
    So as with Howe Sound, we gathered all the info we could and then marked every interesting location [by Google Earth waypoints], marked the boundaries from what we knew of land ownership [only want public land] , planned the days and loaded our gps's. This info has been building up for years with lots of good real info from Reed Clarke and lots of hopes and questions by me.
    I took 1151 photos and Nick Heath took a little less and with notes we have a fairly good idea of what's out there - we did miss some areas because of time or weather [we were in an open skiff for landing]. The info will be added in the next few months, but for a slight overview of what it is like there have a look at this jpg I threw together - click on if for full size to see the icons.
    There are some picturesque spots here that are just great! Many of the landings are on rockshelves so plastic or beater boats may be best, but wow what an array of possibilities that are really quickly close to large population areas.


    [So Nick Heath and I spent 5 long days visiting [sometimes motoring slowly past] all these sites - think of how much paddling time could be spent up here!]

    Keep in mind that one regional grand overview of this and Howe Sound is that if we can break the lower sunshine coast barrier [ie find or persuade an intermediary site into being], that all of this plus the popular Sechelt Inlet would all be accessible without car from the beaches of the lower mainland!
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    Thanks for all this work, Mick. The BCMTA map is my go to resource for planning trips. The “lower Sunshine Coast barrier” is apart named: I did a fabulous trip a couple of years back starting at Jericho Beach and ending on Quadra Island and the most significant hurdle was that long stretch between Keats Island and Thormanby. It was quite a day - something in the order of 50 km. If there were something in the Robert’s Creek area, that section would be more manageable. Robert’s Creek park has a beachfront section: maybe that is a possibility?

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    May 15, 2005
    Roberts Ck Day Park is a maybe. There's a lot of background and there will continue to be to all this.

    Firstly, we have scoured that coastline by mapping [ie to identify ownership and specific location] been to every location and identified a cute little UREP situated perfectly in between Keats and Thormanby . . . however although public land and designated for the Use and Recreational Enjoyment of the Public, we [BCMTNA hat] have been requested not to designate it as a Marine Trail Site because of cultural concerns - although a marina and now new development both owned by that concern are almost adjacent to the parcel and without their cultural concern. But that's just one complexity. This is the location and info:


    So you can use that site like any UREP or crown land [SCRD identified it as a park in their land parcel mapping]. It is a great little location and just as important, you can see it has a protected landing from that long exposed coastline.

    However, for the BCMTNA:
    The best situation is to try and persuade the SCRD to allow a short term overnight spot at one or more of the regional parks that is about 1/2 way between and we'll continue to press that idea. Our strategy is to try and show the tourism power effect of having multiple realistic circle routes around this area and that it is to advantage to support it juuuuuuuuuuuuuuust a little but by allowing such an overnight spot or two to happen in difficult areas.
    Finding out more info about all these sites and site in the area like NE bay on Texada will all go to make these arguments a little easier to make.
    Plus this is all to just make it all a whole bunch better for everyone who wishes to get out there.
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