Keepers Footpeg modification

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    Dec 7, 2011
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    Some folks like the Keepers footpegs because you can release the peg with your foot by putting your toe behind the footpeg and pressing the release lever.
    For others, this is not helpful, and is an irritation. Sometimes a hurried 'bailout' will release the peg from its usual location, causing problems on reentry.
    In one of the boats I bought, the owner had done a simple 'mod' to make the lever harder to release - not impossible, just more difficult, so it wouldn't happen accidentally.
    He'd inserted a wedge of closed cell foam between the release lever and the footpeg.
    I was getting some footpegs (to sell) out of storage and noticed this (again) so I grabbed a couple of pics......
    Ignore the cable tie in the pic; it's just there to keep the rails together in storage.
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