Kuhushan Point

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    Kuhushan Point

    49°52.9N x 125°6.9W

    Kuhushan Point is not a marine park or a designated camping area.
    It is a large gravel and cobble beach that is used by kayakers as a camp spot.
    The area behind the beach is rural property and no homes are visible nearby.
    I talked with a number of local people who were out walking on the beach. They told me that it was common to see kayakers camping there and no one seemed to mind.
    The beach is composed of medium to large cobblestones and would be a challenge to land on if strong easterly winds were forming waves.
    The top of the beach is well above high tides and is composed of small clean gravel that makes a perfect campsite.
    There are no facilities or water available and the beach is exposed to wind from every direction.
    The beach is 12 miles (19.2km) south of the Thunderbird Campground in Campbell River.

    Kuhushan Point on Google Earth

    Here is a view from Kuhushan Point looking north. [/img]

    Here is a view from Kuhushan Point looking south. [/img]