Looking for info on Pirate's Cove Camping

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    I'm looking for current information (logistics, not flow) on Pirate's cove. On my last visit I experienced ...
    1) there was water from a pump - don't recall if it had to be treated/boilded or not
    2) there was a fairly clean composting toilet
    3) the campsite are located up a trail to the right from the beach

    I mention that last point because I read in an early post that residents (to the left of the beach) complained of noise and the campsites were moved. But I don't know if they were moved to where I used them or moved after to some other place. They had tent platforms. I and my paddling partner normally use hammocks but I'll bring a standard tent too - just in case.

    My request is for advice on the water/toilets/sites, Launch Points where I could leave the car for about 4 days, fees, and any concerns about paddling to Silva Bay - I know I need to check the timing for current through Gabriola Pass. Would Pirate's cove be jammed with people about that time (it would be weekdays, not weekend). Is the camp fee (?) per site or per person?

    The dates will be around July 16 to July 20. I'll be paddling with a beginner level person so the trip to Silva Bay - if done - would have a couple of rest stops - especially if we have to wait at Degnen Bay for slack current.

    What is the present State-of-the-art on the excursion to Pirate's cove? If you think it will be overrun, mention that as I could plan for something less adventuresome closer to Wallace.

    Note for the past trip, I parked at the north end of SaltSpring, paddled to Wallace and headed north from there. My paddling partner on this trip is not as strong. But the 3 mi-ish crossing Pirate's Cove isn't too far. Given ferry schedules and driving time, we'd cross over about mid-afternoon.

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