Looking for iPhone7 lifejacket case - any ideas

Discussion in 'Gear Talk' started by designer, Aug 11, 2019.

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    I'm looking for something for an iPhone7 like the accessory LifeProof floating, orange, "lifejacket" I have for my LifeProof iPad Mini case. The LifeProof case itself gives it waterproofness, the orange lifejacket allows it to float.

    Joy has an iPhone7 which is suppose to have some kind of waterproof rating. I remind her that salt water immersion and freshwater immersion are not the same. She would like to put her iPhone - which is already in some kind of style case - in an orange floater like my iPad has.

    LifeProof makes a waterproof case for the iPhone7, but I haven't found a similar orange floater jacket. Tendam makes an orange floater Jacket but they say it won't work on a phone already in a case. I'll call them to verify that.

    We have considered those inexpensive watertight plastic bags, but the floater jacket (to which I could attach a tether) seems the cleanest - especially if she can keep the phone in the "style" case it already has.

    In my situation, I take the iPad out of its "home" case, put it in the waterproof Lifeproof case, and put that case in the floater jacket; reversing the process when I get home. But I'm used to fiddling with stuff. I'm sure Joy would like to keep her phone in the case it has now and just add the floating jacket when on the water.

    The easiest, and pretty inexpensive, solution is to put the iPhone in one of those watertight accessary bags that allows it to still take photos while the phone is in the bag. Has anyone had luck with them. I'm guessing there would be some image distortion.

    But those bags would also keep the saltwater off the iPhone; just a floating jacket wouldn't do that.

    What do those of you who upload those great trip photos use - if using an iPhone rather than a dedicated waterproof camera?