Mariner II with bow and stern bulkheads/hatches

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    3C34AFD8-2AFD-4CA9-A97F-41526ED8B6BC.jpeg 66B945A7-B313-4499-AFC8-C8FA70AFDCC2.jpeg F9B9184A-922F-4296-A27A-C0A7871FE7FC.jpeg Since I’m now the proud owner of a Mariner Max, and at least a couple too many kayaks into a collection, the time has come to put my Mariner II up for sale.

    Mariners were built without front bulkheads & were designed to be used with flotation bags and sea socks. Our own John Abercrombie has modified this boat (very professionally) to add a front compartment, lowered the rear deck a bit for easier rolling, and changed the rear hatch to a kajaksport oval hatch.

    The gelcoat is no longer “like new” and there are some adorable natural relic marks where a mink scrabbled at the deck with his claws trying to get in while we were camped south of Bella Bella, but otherwise in stellar shape.

    This is a fast, capable kayak suitable for an athletic paddler. Can fit a huge amount of gear, but feels nimble in the water. It’s not light to carry, but then - as John points out - you’re not going to break it when hauling it up on the beach. This is a kayak that will last you a lifetime, suitable for distance touring or day trips — handles amazingly well loaded or unloaded.

    With the Mariner sliding seat, which allows you to adjust the trim on the fly as conditions change.

    The original listing from a few years ago is here:

    Boat is located in Surrey. $2500
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