Mariner XL Expedition Kayak.

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    Sep 17, 2012
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    NOTE: The rear cleat has been removed. Instructors considered it "unsafe" - something to get hung up on.

    My Mariner XL is for sale, $1200, on commission, at KayakersGoCoastal.
    Rhonda G Schwab
    3915 S 12th Street
    Tacoma, Wa 98405

    This red decked, yellow hull beauty was the last XL made (#249). Design details can be found at It's fast and can hold lots of gear with easy loading - no struggling with little dry bags pushed through small hatches.

    The following modifications have been professionally made to the basic design by KayakersGoCoastal.
    1. BlueWater electric pump added
    2. Yakama peddles replaced originals that would slip toward the seat too easily
    3. More traditional deck rigging was added.
    4. Not shown in the photo above - the rear cleat was removed - a clean back deck
    5. Shelf for paddle float, pump, or iPad Mini added under deck.
    6. Keel strip added for hull protection on WA beaches
    7. a Silva LB70 handheld and deck mounted compass (deck mount and Pelican case included)

    The original peddles and deck rigging are included along with a SnapDragon spray skirt, bow and stern float bags, and some misc gear (duffle and dry bags).
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    Beautiful boat! Makes me want to cut out the rear hatch on my express and make a flush rear deck..
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    When you do that, please make a tidy job of it and mail me the hatch rim and lid!