Musgrave Point (Saltspring Island) official opening

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    May 15, 2005
    The BCMTNA is having a sign raising event to celebrate Musgrave Point on Saltspring Island becoming recognized as another BC Marine Trail Site. The event is happening June 21st mid day and the hope is that many paddlers will come by to show their support.

    The idea is to arrive at various assembly points just after 9am and then paddle over to Musgrave to show up around 11:00 and attend the ceremony at 11:30 am.

    Complete information is at:
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    Dec 17, 2007
    The BC Marine Trails Network Association is asking for paddlers to come out and support this event - you will become a part of a (hopefully...) grand flotilla departing from 3 different muster points in Samsun Narrows to converge on the little campsite at Musgrave Point on the southwest side of Salt Spring Island.

    We will be not just raising our first ever BC Marine Trails sign, but also celebrating the growing establishment of the BC Marine Trails initiative. The flotilla will demonstrate support for the BCMTN from the paddling community. We have invited the media, and want to put on a good show!

    We have chosen Musgrave Point as the location for our first sign because it is the very first (but not the only, and many more are presently in process) new BC Marine Trails Recreation Site to be legally established - and it has a 'history'. Read about it in our blog: 'Much Ado About an Outhouse' ... n-outhouse

    This is designed as a day trip, but several groups are turning it into a camping trip. Check out the reference table in the link that Mick has providedfor camping possibilities nearby. So mainland paddlers, we know it is more of a time investment for you, but please consider joining us. If your are concerned about available camping space nearby Musgrave Point, please email us ( as we may be able to advise.