Pitt River Hot Springs

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  1. Daniel_W

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    Feb 8, 2019
    None of the directions I've read to get to the hot springs has ever mentioned paddling all the way there, they all tell me to take the logging road over. Anybody know if its possible to paddle all the way over? I'll be paddle boarding over and I am a very experienced paddler.
  2. mick_allen

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    May 15, 2005
    I would think [from photos, google earth and the estuary topography IN AUGUST] that there wouldn't be much more than class 2 if even that at that time of year. But there are sections - so your paddling will have to be strong and your eddy hopping fairly good as many of the 'arms' are narrow. On the good side its very meandery and looks as if there are lots of places to get to shore and line up if necessary. I don't see much, but I'd be really careful of sweepers and debris - that's where your danger lies.

    A huge amount of debris washes into the lake, so that likely means that the river gets howling at more wetter times like spring, so I'd plan your desire to paddle up for low water situations but if it really gets bad, it looks like you'd readily be able to demount, stash your board and then hike up the rest of the way and others sure are unlikely to see your stashed board [if you do a decent job that is].

    It looks like you'll have to get off somewhere around the bridge to access and it seems as if the first jump up in class is just ahead of the springs. There's an old sign at the start of the trail just after the bridge.


    Looks like a great place, good luck on being there on your own.