Sandy Island

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    Sandy Island Marine Park

    Coordinates: 49°37.093N x 124°51.055W

    Sandy Island as its name suggests is a small sandy island just north of Denman Island.
    It lies offshore from Comox, BC and south of Cape Lazo.
    The beach is composed of sand at all tide levels and is convenient for launching and landing kayaks.
    A large grassy area is available for camping out of the sand.
    Beautiful views of the Strait of Georgia and Vancouver Island can be seen from the campsite.
    The pit toilet provided by BC Parks was in disrepair and unusable on my visit here in May 2012.
    I could find no water source on the island.
    Hiking trails wind through the trees and around the island.

    Sandy Island on Google Earth


    Approaching the beach on Sandy Island

    Campsites on Sandy Island are located on a grassy field.

    The beach on Sandy Island overlooks the eastern shoreline of Vancouver Island.

    The trail on Sandy Island winds through a small forest.
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    Sandy or Tree Island is a very popular spot for boaters of all kinds, but is likely to be closed to camping in the foreseeable future - perhaps in 2014 - because it is likely to be part of the Treaty Lands in the settlement with the Kom'oks First Nation, for whom it has special significance. This might explain the lack of recent maintenance by BC Parks. This is a problem for the marine trail vision for routes along the E coast of VI. There are not many close alternatives. Please pass along suggestions (not that we haven't looked already)!