Serious Seal Attack on BC Kayakers

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    this just in from BCMTNA:

    The BC Marine Trails received a serious report yesterday (not directly from party that was attacked). On July 9th, a Harbour Seal attacked a group of 4 experienced kayakers in the Canoe Islets area of the Broughton Archipelago.
    The group was paddling through a narrow channel in the Canoe Islets when the Seal jumped on the deck of one of their kayaks. The individual knocked the Seal off the boat and then it circled around from behind and jumped out of the water biting one paddler on their side just below the arm, puncturing the dry suit and capsizing the individual.
    Two members of the group came to rescue their friend. One was bitten on the arm by the Seal, the bite puncturing their skin. Another member suddenly noticed the seal lunging up toward the face of another paddler but was able to yell in time so that the individual it was coming towards could hit the seal with their paddle. It finally left them alone.
    The individual who was originally attacked also injured their knee at some point during the encounter, either when they capsized or when they were trying to get back into their kayak.
    There have been two other reports of attacks in this exact same area, in 2013 and 2014, on the east side of Island #58. Consult marine charts 3545 / 3564 or the BC Marine Trails map - for a better understanding of the exact location.
    The circumstances that lead to the attack are unclear; there was no evidence of pups in the area. Those recreating or paddling in this area should remain cautious. Never approach marine wildlife and report any incidents to the appropriate regulatory body.
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    Okay, I found Canoe Passage, between Village Island and Turnour Island. But, I can't find the Canoe Islets or Island 58.

    Is the whole world being influenced by a certain nasty critter to the south? In the news today, we've got a grizzly chasing a kayaker down the Elaho River. Now you're telling us there is a killer seal on the loose. What's next, Monty Python Holy Grail rabbits pouncing on people at campsites?

    It's a dangerous world out there!
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    Thanks for the Holy Grail reference.... Brings me WAY back!

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    In the army, any time we practised a "tactical withdrawal" we yelled "Run Away" in Monty Python-style, to our NCO's fury.