Southey Island

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    Southey Island

    Coordinates: 49°16.611N x 124°06.277W

    Southey Island is a small rocky island located about 10 miles (16km) north of Nanaimo off the east coast of Vancouver Island near Nanoose Harbour.
    The island sits in a beautiful location with views out across the Strait of Georgia.
    A gravel beach is perfect for launching and landing kayaks at all tide levels.
    Small tent sites are scattered among the rocks and are easily above the highest tide levels.
    I could find no water source.
    A nice variety of wildflowers are abundant and scattered among the rocks.
    At least one White-tailed Deer lives on the island.

    Southey Island on Google Earth


    The gravel beach on Southey Island

    Tent sites are above the highest tides.

    Lots of wildflowers are scattered among the rocks.

    This was the view looking northwest from Southey Island