Vancouver Island - Little Bear Bay

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    Vancouver Island – Little Bear Bay

    Coordinates: 50°20.301N x 125°57.695W

    Little Bear Bay is a public camping area that can be reached by car.
    The beach is sand and small rounded rocks at all tide levels.
    There are numerous tent sites above the highest tides.
    The ground is hard packed gravel so tent stakes will not work here.
    All of the sites offer great views of Johnstone Strait.
    Picnic tables, pit toilet, and water are available.
    I spotted Bald Eagles, Canadian Geese, and deer while camped here.

    Little Bear Bay on Google Earth

    The campsites at Little Bear Bay look out on Johnstone Strait.

    This forested slope rises above the campsites.

    The beach here is sand and rounded rocks at some tide levels.
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    A very busy RV site most of the summer.