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    What is the thing that holds the rudder with it's folded called?

    Good for you man. If you can't join a club, make one.
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    Favourite photo of all time - welcome to altered reality!

    So we can all agree that the primary issue for John is with taste and specifically 'realism'. That's fine. We all get to some point where we are THAT guy, standing on the lawn, grumping at the kids. I've been guilty of it and I only just received my Geezer card. All kidding aside, I will...
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    Favourite photo of all time - welcome to altered reality!

    No challenge there. Over the years I have scanned (and rescanned) just about all of my archives of film negatives, slides, and prints. The difference is stark to the trained eye. Digital sensors have steadily improved over the years. The quality of high resolution digital images is...
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    Favourite photo of all time - welcome to altered reality!

    My love of photography started well before my love of paddling. I learned early on that there are limits to what you can capture in photos. By the time I picked up my first paddle, I already knew that photos at best merely hint at the raw wonder, beauty, and misery to be found in the world. At...
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    Gray's Canyon, continental slope, WA 21–22 Aug 2021

    I'm sure I'm not the only one thinking about the contrast in expectations of safety -- the open ocean was more manageable than accessing the safety of the harbor. Thank-you for your report and candid follow-up comments.
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    New (to me) Winter Project

    Good on you sir. It's winter somewhere...
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    Pyranha Everest 12'-9"?

    Q. Is it even feasible to put in mini-cell foam bulkheads?
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    Electric bilge pump users?

    I clicked on the video above, but did not find it very enlightening. Thankfully YouTube listed this other video after it, which I found much more useful: I think the "blabbermouth" check valve above would be effective and maybe a flap on the outlet to prevent junk from entering the outflow tube.
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    My longest Sunday afternoon trip to date

    Whenever these discussions come up, I feel compelled (and forgive me the compulsion) to point out that in recreational kayaking everyone's proportions are different. I don't mean by a little either. The point was driven home again watching various events at the Olympics in Tokyo. Elite athletes...
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    Lady Rose Marine Service - last sailing August 31

    Apparently the era will continue -
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    Let's talk rudders

    @JohnAbercrombie - all kidding aside, your gripes make sense. They fall under the heading of Things That Simply Should Not Be, and all the more because the issues could be resolved with only modest effort by kayak designers, kayak builders, and paddlers themselves. It rankles because we are...
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    Let's talk rudders

    I see your point. The spring is contrived such that pointed directly down is its neutral position. Any pressure on the leading edge by kelp or the ground would simply push the blade backwards until released, at which time the spring forces the blade back to neutral. Clever and it addresses one...
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    Let's talk rudders

    A spring, eh? Undoubtedly cunningly embedded so as to escape any harm or tamper, thus offering sufficient and infallible guarantee against fools, kelp, and stone. When it's up, it's up! When it's down, it's down! I am compelled. I withdraw my wholly unwarranted skepticism and leave the field to...
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    Let's talk rudders

    So, you're saying there is nothing new under the sun. Copy that and concur: some problems have a solutions envelope that is well defined. However, this particular design still seems ill-considered to me. Quick and dirty indeed. We're 8 pages / 13 years into this discussion. I will scan again...
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    Kayak sizing for smaller person

    @red kite: Yup. That discussion covers the waterfront. Taking my lawn chair over there ..