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  1. Philip.AK

    Self-rescue while tripping

    I’m largely going to agree with Nootka here. Mostly because all of my expeditions were done solo and there was no one there to back me up. Despite paddling thousands of miles in the Gulf of Alaska, and scaring the unholy crap out of myself on numerous occasions, I never actually tipped over (on...
  2. Philip.AK

    Tofino to Tsawassen Tour 2021- You Tube Premier

    That was great, thank you. You put a lot of effort into the trip and video production, and it shows. I have to say that taking Ewan seemed like cheating because the dude is obviously a human outboard.
  3. Philip.AK

    Whole other Orcas?

    Interesting, but it sent me down a cookie-cutter shark rabbit hole that will give me nightmares for weeks.
  4. Philip.AK

    Long Video With More Than One Lesson

    I appreciate that context. Amateur paddling; median filmmaking.
  5. Philip.AK

    attn sea touring gurus: pls share your bookmarks!

    Using the ShoreZone interface you can 'fly' the entire coastline ahead of time to visualize where good beaches are, etc. Just zoom in on the map on a location you want to see, and the video playhead will load when you get sufficient magnification. The red line is the flight path and the little...
  6. Philip.AK

    Strawberry Island, San Juan Islands, WA 4–6 Sept 2021

    This ^ I remember doing trips with my dad as a kid. It was often unpleasant from my perspective. The gear was pretty basic and the comforts very limited. Cold food, lousy equipment. He grew up in post-WWII Germany and so had somewhat different ideas about what defined ‘suffering’ than a kid...
  7. Philip.AK

    Cordova to Seward, July 15 to August 2, 2021, 19 days, 170 nm

    Wow, you get after it. Nicely done! I too was a little disappointed with the sparse wildlife around Prince William Sound (only relative to Kodiak whe we are admittedly totally spoiled). I didn’t get menaced by Steller sea lions, but I enjoyed the much larger pods of ‘resident’ orcas than we have...
  8. Philip.AK

    Packrafting the Kodiak Archipelago

    Everyone I know carries bear spray here. It's reasonably light and effective. In over 30 years I've only pulled it out a few times, and only once sprayed it at a charging sow (with cubs). Kodiak bears are hunted and they have a strong fear of humans. As long as you avoid bears habituated to...
  9. Philip.AK

    Packrafting the Kodiak Archipelago

    Good questions! I am always carrying the packraft. I don't really have any options to drop it to retrieve later and anything left laying around just turns into a bear chew toy within about 24 hours. I carry a 55 L backpack which is not large enough to accomodate the raft along with all my...
  10. Philip.AK

    Packrafting the Kodiak Archipelago

    Last week we had a nice weather window so I headed back up to north Afognak Island to explore some parts of the Kodiak National Wildlife Refuge there that I had not traveled through before. It really is one of my favorite places to hike and paddle, and it’s just a 45 minute hop on the mail plane...
  11. Philip.AK

    Tie One On

    Mea culpa. Guilty! (My truck from this evening)
  12. Philip.AK

    3 times across the Atlantic by kayak

    This was a good listen. It recounts the 3 times the Pole Aleksander Doba crossed the Atlantic Ocean solo and [mostly] unassisted and tries to explain his motivations. NYTimes podcasts The Daily
  13. Philip.AK

    Packrafting the Kodiak Archipelago

    I did a quick lap around Shuyak Island again a couple of weeks ago in late June between stints doing my spring field work for Fish and Game. Shuyak Island is a fantastic place to explore by kayak or packraft. Cheers!
  14. Philip.AK

    One last basic question: Pros and Cons of Plastic and Composite?

    I'm an inveterate boat dragger and will always paddle plastic.
  15. Philip.AK

    Solo kayaker to Hawaii rescued on day six

    A similar thing just happened here in Kodiak. Helicopter rescue in Monashka Bay
  16. Philip.AK

    Filer Creek: First Descent Expedition

    That was a worthwhile watch. Thanks for the link. It was less RedBulls**t than most ‘adrenaline‘ vids. Good stuff.
  17. Philip.AK

    Field work by kayak on Kodiak Island's south end

    Just bear spray has worked for me the past 30+ years of doing this. We sometimes will bring an electric fence for when we are Roosevelt elk hunting and need to set up a meat cache as we shuttle loads, or when we have a base camp and will be away from it for hours at a time. Kodiak bears are...
  18. Philip.AK

    Field work by kayak on Kodiak Island's south end

    I got a few pics from Patrick. Getting dropped off. Traveling like the Beverly Hillbillies. Sometimes I would tow Patrick’s boat so that he could hike the shoreline. Sea cucumber and green urchins. We did pretty well on glass balls too.