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    'Guide-approved' tips for launching kayak in rough conditions

    Good for a laugh? Here's my first tip for that 'guide': Never put yourself beween your kayak and the shore when there are waves about.
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    Replacing footpeg rail stud

    I like thru-bolts for mounting footpeg rails. They are simple, and if you want to remove the footpeg rails to use a bulkhead footboard, it's easy to plug the holes. Also, if you are paddling up to a capsized kayak, it's easy to tell which end is the bow, by looking for those machine screw heads...
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    Kevlar Mariner Express $3500 CAD

    This is a one of a kind Mariner Express Kevlar kayak with front and rear hatches and fiberglass bulkheads. One of the best all-round kayaks ever, the 16 foot long, 22.5" wide Express is a secure and fun boat for day paddles with the capacity to carry food, water and gear for multi-week camping...
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    SISKA on ZOOM - From day paddles to multi-day tripping

    Tonight from SISKA (South Island Sea Kayak Association): The Journey to Multi-Day Tripping How does the recreational kayaker make the transition from short, local paddles to planning and going on a multi-day expedition? John Minkley and David Maxwell, as well as 6 other experienced SISKA...
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    Another "What were they thinking?" example - Valley skeg control box

    "Hey, lets cover the connection between the cable tube and the control box with resin and glass. It will look really smooth!" Valley Nordkapp LV SN xxxxxxxxxxL609 2009 model? Makes a simple repair into a major job.
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    Paddle grip treatments?

    Do you add anything to the grip aea of your kayak paddle shaft? I know some folks use the drip rings as 'locator aids'. A friend wraps the grips with bike bar wrap to increase the diameter and improve 'grip-ability'. Surfboard wax? Tape? O-Rings?
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    New Level Six Cronos Drysuit

    Starting a new discussion, promped by A.C. ' s post in the 'Mustang Dry Suit' thread... A.C. said: Not sure this merits its own thread so I'll just post it here to keep the drysuit conversation going.... New for 2021, entry-level drysuit from Level Six, only $800 CAD...
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    Kayak in 3 pieces - repair by Joe Greenley

    Not much info on the incident (which must have been terrifying) that caused this, but an interesting repair of a Pygmy 'Freya' S&G kayak. Joe Greenley (Redfish Kayaks) posted on the Facebook kayak building page: Here's a link to the video - using alignment sticks is a good technique which...
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    Damp socks inside drysuit = pinholes? Not so fast....

    In the past few months I've noticed that my wool socks have been damp after paddles. Not wet, just damp - as though I had dipped them in water and then wrung them hard to get them dry, or put them through a high spin cycle in the front-load washer. And, the inside layer of the drysuit fabric was...
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    SealSkinz or other waterproof socks- your experience and advice, please!

    The 'feet' in my drysuit have started to let a bit of moisture in - I've checked for pinholes and holes along the seams but haven't been able to solve the problem. Some friends wear Chillcheater 'rubbery' socks over their insulating socks, so that's a possibility. Do you have experience with...
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    Another one for the 'What were they thinking?' file - Vulcan Paddling Suit

    Note the extra-long sleeves with convenient 'thumb holes', to ensure that the sleeve covers the top of your hand. For cycling or X-C skiing perhaps but be worn under "paddling gear" with wrist gaskets?? Even if 'pushed up' on your arm before donning your drysuit or splash top, that extra-long...
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    Broken Group PERMANENTLY CLOSED during fall/winter/spring

    I just received the SKILS newsletter and found this information. I'm surprised that there hasn't been more attention (outcry?) from the paddling community. Closing the Broken Group Islands (BGI) to recreational and commercial users outside of the official fee collection period. More...
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    Any GAIA GPS Users? Nautical Charts for Canada?

    Is anybody using the GAIA GPS app for kayak navigation in Canada? The NOAA charts which are 'included' with GAIA are quite low-resolution, using small scale charts - so not very useful for a lot of kayak trip destinations I'm wondering if there are other chart options. Also I'd appreciate any...
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    InReach, Zoleo, SPOT choice

    I've been using a SPOT on kayak trips since 2015 and it has worked OK. I don't use the tracking, so the SPOT was just used to send 'OK' messages from camp. The annual fees for the SPOT have been an irritant, and I had hassles clearing up a billing error - SPOT's fault- this summer. A few years...
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    Ocean Signal PLB1

    I recently bought a new PLB- an Ocean Signal PLB1 Cost was about $350 CAD including taxes and delivery. My 'old' PLB is an ACR ResQLink and needs a new battery - battery replacement cost to be determined. Two features of the Ocean Signal appealed to me: It's very compact, so will be even...
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    Another 'What were they thinking??' example: Whisky 16 skeg control

    Skeg control box on Point65N Whisky 16 glass boat: Hard to believe, but this looks like 'factory original equipment'. The slot is 15 mm wide, and the control 'button' is recessed 5mm or so below the surface. I have quite skinny hands, and I can't get my thumb into that slot; a finger...
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    Rigging rudder to keep the blade in the water- ideas, please!

    Most of the rudders I observe are trailing behind the kayak at about 45 degrees, not positioned vertically. Over-stern kayak rudders aren't very deep in the water even when vertical, so they become less effective when the stern is lifted by a wave. Often I see rudders that only have an inch or...
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    SOLD! - $450 Novorca Carbon Greenland Paddle - New

    This paddle has only been wet once since I bought it in 2012. It's in like-new condition. It's been in its padded case, waiting for a new owner who can do it justice. Ron Steinwall's Novorca paddles were all custom made, and each one was truly a work of art. This video shows how Novorca...
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    Whazzit? Please ID these clips!

    A friend gave me a grab bag of line and webbing hardware. In the buried treasure were these clips: Some sort of hose clamp?? And these, which look like they would keep 2 lines parallel. Where would they be used? Thanks!
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    Dunk that VHF!

    It's in all the manuals, and I know I should do it after every paddle: but....I've gotten lazy. Sometimes I give the radio a quick rinse under the tap after a paddle. I do check that the radio is working before every paddle, that the battery voltage is 'up', etc when I grab my PFD off the...