SOLD! - Mariner Coaster Sea Kayak $1475


Dec 7, 2011
Victoria, BC
This is a Mariner Coaster in excellent condition.
The Coaster is a legendary boat that doesn't appear for sale often.
13 feet long, but quick enough to keep up with your friends, and you will leave many behind when the conditions get rough.
Excellent for surf and catching waves as you paddle.

No skeg or rudder, and it doesn't need them.

Hull Configuration and Features:
Swedeform--widest aft of center the opposite of Fish-form (for less wave-making resistance due to the finer angle of entry)
Shallow V-midsection with flared sides (for a narrower waterline and high secondary stability)
V’ed forebody (soft ride) develops into hard chines (resists broaching)
Little rocker at stern, substantial at bow (for tracking and manuverability)
Extreme flare and reserve buoyancy at bow (resists pearling in surf)
Hard chine center and aft sections (carves turns and holds an edge in breakers)
Strong V-keel in stern quarter (resists broaching)
Lower rear deck (easier Eskimo rolls and reduced windage aft cuts weatherhelm)
Higher forebody (for more foot room--to size 12--and a dry cockpit)
Built in knee braces (for security and control)
Balanced wind/water couple at cruising speed (doesn’t weathercock)

Length: 13' 5.25"
Beam: 23.125"
Cockpit size (inside): 31" x 15"
Depth at front of cockpit: 11.25"
Depth at rear of cockpit: 9.25"

For the Sea Kayaker magazine review of the Coaster, see:

For Coaster (and Mariner) info, see

Extremely high quality construction, like all the Mariner (Seattle) boats - vacuum-bagged cloth, not mat.

No bulkheads - uses flotation (air) bags in the ends.
For trips, (they hold a lot of gear) load through the cockpit.
There's a small 'armhole' hatch in the foredeck to help move gear into the bow.

Bow and stern flotation bags
Used Seals Shocker 1.4 neoprene sprayskirt

Price $1475 CAD

Location: Victoria Fairfield

Please communicate via email.

Due to COVID-19, serious inquiries only, please.
Inspection will require social distancing and cleaning of the boat.
If you require a test paddle, there will be a non-refundable $100 charge, which you can apply toward the purchase if you decide to buy.

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