Moresby Camp - Rose Harbour, Haida Gwaii, April 30th-May 8th

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    Sep 26, 2016
    As the title Suggests! I'm looking for two more to join our trip into Gwaii Hanaas National Park April 30th to may 8th. Moresby Explorers Zodiac Pickup on the 8th in Rose Harbor. Plan is to visit Skedans, Ttanu, Ramsay Island, Burnaby Narrows, SGaang Gwaay, and poke around Kunghit if the weather permits. We have 2 in the party of 4 needed to fill out Zodiac numbers. Zodiac price is $260, + $110 Park Permit, + Food, Transport, and Boat. Both of us are experienced (Level 2/3) SK Guides, on a personal paddling trip.

    Paddler Level: Advanced/Expert
    Water Comfort: Class III/IV preferred
    Distances: Able to paddle 15+Nm/Day
    Roll is highly recommended
    Willing to waive one of these requirements if you can get rained on all day and still be smiling!
    We will probably do a small trip beforehand to meet you and judge your paddling ability.
    Please PM or contact with a short description of yourself along with any questions you may have!